Norwalk Pet Care Center

Our Pet Care Center provides separate boarding areas for dogs and cats. The cat room includes a special kitty condo, which is a larger area for extra kitty comfort. For dogs, each kennel has a self contained ventilation and lighting unit with a built-in resting bench. They were the first of their type to be installed in the United States.

One of the nicest features of our boarding is that we exclusively board for our clients. Why is that important? Because it ensures that we know your pets and their needs AND that we know the surrounding pets needs too. We have found that this makes for a more relaxed environment for all of the pets. When you visit our pet care center, you will be amazed at how little barking or distressing behavior is exhibited. In general, all of the animals are relaxed and comfortable. For first time boarders, we offer a day trial run at no charge so we can get to know your pets and see how they adjust to us.

We provide pets with their own blankets, if applicable, or we have our own bedding. Light Jazz or classical music is always played in their room and a night light is provided for their evening. A special atomizer releases the aroma of fresh baked cinnamon buns every 10 minutes. The dogs really feel comfortable, like they are resting in your kitchen. The room also includes plants and decorative items for a homey touch, curtains and windows for natural light. The air conditioning in the pet care center has separate controls, which allows us to raise or lower the temperature apart from the rest of the hospital to keep the animals at their maximum comfort level.

A special feature in our kennels is a separate ventilation system, which is state of the art and ensures that your pet is breathing FRESH unrecirculated air every 10 minutes. We have special noise reduction paneling to provide dogs with a quieter experience.

We can provide care for pets with special needs. The pets are checked periodically throughout the day during the week and Saturday, and at least twice a day on Sunday. Dogs go outside for exercise twice a day. Our enclosed outside area allows them to spend more time outside. We also offer additional exercise and play time in our beautiful outside garden with our TLC package. We feed premium Science Diet pet food which is included in the boarding fee. If you prefer, you may bring your own food, bowls, treats etc. and any medication that is needed.

For your peace of mind, and ours, we have a security system that includes smoke detectors, sprinklers, motion detectors and carbon monoxide detectors that are monitored 24 hours a day by a security firm. If an emergency happens after hours, the security company would immediately notify the police, or the fire department, and Dr. Hendrikson. We provide a special fire door and fire walls that protect the boarding area from smoke, fire or hazardous conditions if they were to arise in the adjoining hospital.

Our Boarding Fee Policy: The day of admission and the day of discharge are always charged. Fees: Please call for current rates. Also available is our T.L.C. package for dogs which includes 2 leash walks daily, playtime, brushing and extra petting and our Kitty Condo for cats which includes playtime, brushing, special treats and extra petting. If FLEAS are present on your pet at the time of check-in, there will be a flea treatment charge. Fees will be added if vaccinations, intestinal or blood parasite tests and parasite prevention are not current.

Our Goal is to provide the most caring, compassionate, and friendly service to you and your pets.
Dr. Hendrikson and Staff

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